Welcome to Hatha Yoga in Moray!

My name is Teresa. I am offering classes and workshops in Forres. 

What my students say about the classes :

“Teresa is a very clear and professional teacher who absolutely loves what she does. What a gift!”

“Teresa is committed to her own development as a teacher and to the development of her students. I value this greatly as she regularly brings new insights to the classes from her studies. We are very fortunate to have her skill and dedication in this part of Scotland”

“My yoga practice has developed in quite unimaginable ways, as a result of working with Teresa for a number of years.
Her teaching style continues to develop, inform and balance with humour, compassion and care for all her student’s needs, at whatever level.”

“Teresa’s classes are pure medicine! She shares her passion for Yoga with integrity, presence and a solid knowledge of the human body.I am very grateful that I found such a competent and inspiring teacher!”

“In my opinion, Teresa’s classes are one of the best things about living in Moray. There is a lovely rhythm to the hour and a half: a pleasing balance between active and restorative postures. At the end of Teresa’s class, you feel both worked and rested”

“Teresa produces a peaceful atmosphere within minutes of the class starting. She is mindful of everyone’s differing abilities and gives individual attention. I leave the class feeling refreshed, relaxed, flexible and much younger!”

“Teresa is a “world-class” teacher and her classes are a combination of work and play”

“Every session is a voyage of discovery”

“In Teresa, Forres has a wonderful Hatha Yoga teacher.I have taken Yoga classes and taught for over forty years and I appreciate her inner joyousness and Yoga knowledge”

“I find Yoga quite a challenge, but the classes offered by Teresa are
brilliant and they are definitely what keeps me going. I am 67 and I have
osteoarthritis in most of my joints and various tendon and ligament issues
due to an old knee injury. When I discovered Teresa about five years ago it was truly a godsend, as I was then realising that if I did not take charge of my body soon I was likely to end up in a wheelchair. The combination of physio and now regular Hatha Yoga (Iyengar based) classes are keeping me mobile and out of pain. A real blessing.”

“Teresa has a great depth of understanding of Hatha Yoga and is clear in her communication. Her instructions are therefore easy to follow, she has a sensible/logical rationale for anything which might at first appear confusing/counter-intuitive and she is patient in her explanation of this. Teresa keeps a careful eye on her classes – correcting people individually and ensuring everyone gets the best out of each session. I am very grateful to have such a skilled and compassionate teacher to learn from.”

“Thanks for yet another truly brilliant class!!”